Frequently Asked Questions about GreenPath

Is GreenPath approved by the Executive Office for United States Trustees? Yes. GreenPath is approved to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an agency’s services.

How long will my clients have to wait for an appointment? No appointment is necessary. Consumers who call us at 866-332-8435 will speak directly to a bankruptcy counselor.

How much will my clients have to pay? Single – $50 for the pre-filing counseling, and $50 for the pre-discharge financial education program. $95 if both the briefing and education are purchased at the same time.

Joint – $50 for the pre-filing counseling, and $60 for the pre-discharge financial education program. $110 if both the briefing and education are purchased at the same time.

What do these costs include? The pre-filing counseling fee includes the counseling session, a customized budget and action plan, a briefing education packet, a home budget software program called BudgetSmart, the Counseling Certificate, and all applicable mailing costs. The pre-discharge financial education fee includes the course workbook, time with a counselor educator to answer questions and/or review content, processing of the test and course evaluation, the Education Certificate, and all applicable mailing costs.

How will my clients pay for the services? Attorneys may choose to collect GreenPath’s fees from the client in order to minimize the length of the counseling and education process. You may agree to pay a monthly invoice for each client referred to GreenPath for counseling and/or education. The invoice would list each client, the service provided, the date of service, and the amount owed. Otherwise clients may pay by debit card, check-by-phone (one-time ACH pull from bank account), cashier’s check, money order or cash (if paying in-person).

Will GreenPath try to talk my clients out of filing for bankruptcy? No, GreenPath does not intend to sell debt management programs or talk consumers out of bankruptcy. Our approach is to provide consumers with budget counseling and a non-biased overview of their options. Some consumers may choose to enroll in a debt management program or seek other non-bankruptcy options — we cannot guarantee that every client will return to you for bankruptcy.

When and how will client certificates be issued? A pre-filing Counseling Certificate will be sent to the client and their attorney (if they already have one) immediately after the session is completed. The certificate will be e-mailed as a .pdf file directly to clients and attorneys that have e-mail. Otherwise, the certificate will be mailed. A pre-discharge Education Certificate will be e-mailed or mailed to the client and their attorney immediately after the course test and evaluation have been received (on-line, fax or mail).

Do clients need to pass a test for the Education Certificate? What happens if they fail? A test is administered to verify that the client has completed the financial education course. But this is not a pass/fail test. After the test is scored, clients receive their Education Certificate along with the correct answers for those questions answered incorrectly. And clients who score under 70 percent are strongly encouraged to contact GreenPath for additional counseling.

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